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Hiking Adventure Along the Fire Island Lighthouse Trail

Longwood Hiking Club Enjoys a Perfect Sunday Outing

Fire Island, NY - September 17, 2023_

The Longwood Hiking Club embarked on an exhilarating journey along the Fire Island Lighthouse Trail this past Sunday. The weather couldn't have been more cooperative, with spectacular clear skies and warm temperatures setting the stage for a memorable hike.

The day began with an invigorating six-mile hike to the iconic Fire Island Lighthouse. Club members marveled at the breathtaking views and rich history that this landmark had to offer. The lighthouse property provided a fascinating glimpse into the area's maritime past, leaving everyone awe-inspired.

After exploring the lighthouse grounds, the adventure continued as the group pressed on towards Kismet, Saltair, and Fair Harbor. These charming seaside destinations offered picturesque vistas and a sense of tranquility that can only be found on Long Island.

As midday approached, the hikers made a delightful pit stop at the bayside village of Kismet, where they indulged in a well-deserved lunch and, of course, some delectable ice cream. It was a chance to refuel and bond over shared experiences amidst the coastal beauty.

One particularly thrilling highlight of the day was the sighting of a paraglider soaring gracefully through the clear skies, adding an unexpected touch of excitement to the adventure.

The Longwood Hiking Club's outing along the Fire Island Lighthouse Trail was a testament to the beauty and natural wonders that our community has to offer. It was a day filled

with camaraderie, exploration, and the simple joys of nature.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Longwood Community, as we continue to celebrate the treasures that our beloved Long Island has in store for us.

For more information and future hiking adventures, please visit the Longwood Hiking Club's official website.


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Caption: The majestic Fire Island Lighthouse was a highlight of the day's hike, offering stunning panoramic views of the Long Island coast.

[Image: Kismet Village]

Caption: Hikers enjoyed a leisurely break in the charming bayside village of Kismet, savoring delicious meals and ice cream with a view.

[Image: Paraglider]

Caption: A paraglider graced the skies, adding an unexpected touch of excitement to the day's adventure along the Fire Island Lighthouse Trail.


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