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Artist Lake Condominium


The Owners for Artist Lake Condominium Board of Managers Reform

Dear Artist Lake Condominium Owner:

It is our strong belief that the current Artist Lake Board Managers is no longer the right fit for the Artist Lake Condominium.

The resident owners on the Board are absent. They have little presence or voice in our community. They appear to have no interest, or a very narrow interest at best, in the community as a whole.

The nonresident Board members have no connection to our community. Their lives and homes are elsewhere. Their interest lies only in the cash flow and profits their units generate for their LLCs. Their non presence in our community and their narrow interests hurt our equity, the value of our property, our quality of life and the perception Artist Lake Condominium has in the surrounding communities outside the condominium.


Special Meeting of the Artist Lake Condominium Owners.


The annual meeting of the owners was held in January 2023. Attendance did not meet the 51% of total authorized votes of all Homeowners present, in person or by written proxy, necessary to constitute a quorum at the Annual Meeting of the Homeowners for the transaction of condominium business, and  required by the Artist Lake Condominium By-Laws.

Certain Homeowners who were present at the annual meeting and were entitled to vote thereat were not given opportunity to adjourn the meeting by announcement, until such time a Special Meeting of the Homeowners could be had where a quorum is present, or represented, and where business can be transacted at said Special Meeting, such as it would have been transacted at the original annual meeting.

Therefore, certain owners of the condominium aim to force a Special Meeting of the Owners whereas a quorum will be present to transact condominium business and elections.

We ask that you sign our petition to force this Special Meeting of the Owners.

When a special meeting is granted and if you are unable to attend in person you will be asked by certain owners to appoint a proxy. The purpose: To obtain a quorum and vote in your absence.

Your proxy must be an owner who will be attending the special meeting. Your proxy will count towards the meeting quorum. A quorum that is required for the condominium to transact official condominium business. 


Your proxy will also have full power to vote for you, in your name, place, and stead in the same manner and to the same extent, and with the same effect that you would have if you were personally present at the Special Meeting.

You have your choice of proxy. It is our hope that you will choose a proxy who believes in and will carry out the Artist Lake Reform Committee’s Mission, Vision, and Pledge called out below.

Regardless of your choice of proxy, it is important that you select someone who plans to attend the meeting, so that a quorum can be reached.





Owners for Artist Lake Condominium Reform.


The Owners for Artist Lake Condominium Board of Managers Reform


Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance our quality of life by maintaining our common areas and upholding our Covenants, Declarations, and By-Laws. As representatives of the homeowners, we will take an ethical and objective approach in representing their interests. We will seek out and support initiatives that strengthen resident bonds and will take actions necessary to maintain a safe, friendly & aesthetically pleasing place to live.


Our Vision

We envision a neighborhood that represents a high quality of living and is considered a desirable place to live by residents and non-residents alike. We encourage and support an association of neighbors who voluntarily work together to increase property values and promote the spirit of respect, caring, community, family, and friends.

Image by Jakob Owens

We, The Owners for Artist Lake Condominium Board of Managers Reform,  pledge to all owners and residents to:

  • CONDUCT REGULAR MEETINGS:  Hold at least 1 Owners meeting quarterly. Hold monthly board meetings with executive and open sessions. Open sessions where owners can voice their thought and concerns. Provide homeowners with appropriate notice and encourage involvement.

  • CONDUCT ELECTIONS: Hold fair and open elections that provide all candidates an equal opportunity to express their views in open session. We will allow a representative from each candidate to observe the vote counting process.

  • SET AN OPERATING BUDGET: Determine expenses for:

    • Maintaining community common areas, facilities, equipment, and amenities.

    • Hiring professional partners. 

    • Insuring the common assets.

  • PLAN FOR AND FUND RESERVES: Commission a reserve study when professional expertise is warranted and plan for anticipated long term expenditures as part of the annual budget development process.

  • COLLECT ASSESSMENTS: Levy and collect assessments and other fees from homeowners in a timely and equitable manner.

  • FULFILL FIDUCIARY DUTY: Act within the board’s authority. Exercise due care. Act in good faith, and act with ordinary care in the best interests of the association.

  • GOVERN WITH TRANSPARENCY: Share critical information and rationale with residents about budgets, reserve funding, special assessments, and other issues that impact their financial obligations to the association. Give residents an opportunity to ask questions and engage in the dialogue on these matters.

  • PROVIDE ACCESS TO RECORDS: Allow homeowners reasonable access to the appropriate community records, including annual budgets and board meeting minutes.

  • DISCLOSE CONFLICTS OF INTEREST: Reveal all personal and financial conflicts before assuming a board position, once on the board, and before participating in board decisions.

  • COMMUNCIATE AND ENFORCE RULES: Ensure rules are readily available to all residents and owners. Uniformly enforce all rules, including architectural guidelines. Request input from residents when developing  new rules, and communicate rules effectively.

  • ESTABLISH AND ADHERE TO AN APPEALS PROCESS: Allow all residents an opportunity to correct violations before imposing fines or other sanctions. The board, or a board appointed committee should adhere to standard procedures for resolving disputes.

  • FORCLOSE ONLY WHEN NECESSARY: Initiate lien and foreclosure proceedings only as a last step in a well-defined debt collection procedures, and only after other less-disruptive measures have failed to resolve a serious delinquency.

  • COMMUNICATE: Provide regular communication (emails, flyers, newsletters, website, etc) with residents to report substantiative actions taken by the board.

  • KNOW AND FOLLOW THE LAW: Govern the community in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. Engage legal counsel as appropriate. Regularly review governing documents to ensure legal compliance, and to determine whether amendments are necessary.

  • CONTINUE LEARNING: Commit to staying informed of trends related to community associations and board governance.

  • UNDERSTAND AND COMMUNICATE RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Ensure homeowners, residents, and association leaders recognize and accept their roles in the community. Strike a reasonable, logical balance between the preferences of the individuals and the best interests of the community as a whole.

  • LEAD BY EXAMPLE AND MAKE A PLEDGE FOR CIVILITY: Commit to fostering open discussions and debate, and mutual respect and tolerance between all who live in, work in, and visit your community,



I, the undersigned, being a bona fide member in good standing of the Artist Lake Condominium, and as such entitled to cast one (1) vote at the annual meeting of said condominium, do hereby appoint

Name _______________________________________________________________

Address ______________________________________________________________

as my proxy to attend the Special Meeting of the Owners with full power to vote for me in my name, place, and stead in the same manner and to the same extent and with the same effect that I might were I personally present thereat.

Signature _______________________________________________________

Unit number ____________________________________________________

Printed name____________________________________________________

Mailing address __________________________________________________

Date signed______________________________________________________

Telephone number _______________________________________________


For board to fill out upon receiving

Accepted this ______ day of _________, _________. [month] [year]

Name of Secretary _____________________________________________________

Name of Condominium  Artist Lake Condominium

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