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Our Newsletter is back

John Carricato

Aug 4, 2023

With a Fresh Start!

After a brief hiatus for a well-deserved vacation in Italy, the beloved newsletter is back with a new name and exciting changes in store. The newsletter, now proudly associated with the Longwood Chamber of Commerce, returns to the community with a rejuvenated spirit and a commitment to providing valuable local content. The changes don't end with a new name!

So, what's with the new name? As the newsletter joins forces with the Longwood Chamber of Commerce, it will be undergoing a transformation to better serve the Greater Longwood community. While the newsletter used to focus primarily on the Artist Lake - Fairview condominiums and Lake Pointe Co-Op communities, we are expanding. What’s changing? 

Print editions of the newsletter will have an immediate local community focus, ensuring that residents of Artist Lake, Fairview and Lake Pointe are kept well-informed about the latest developments in our neighborhoods. Whether it's exciting community projects, upcoming events and gatherings, or stories about inspiring individuals, the newsletter aims to be the go-to source for everything happening in and around our Artist Lake, Fairview and Lake Pointe neighborhoods.

The newsletter's social media platforms will be expanding beyond our condominium and co-op communities. In the coming months, with contributors from the Longwood Chamber of Commerce, and Middle Island and Coram Civic Associations we will be working to include news and events within the greater Longwood community hamlets of Coram, Middle Island, and Ridge. Communities that lie along our Route 25 corridor. This expansion is aimed at fostering a strong sense of unity and community between our community’s residents, community civic activities and local businesses.  With the newsletter now linked to the Longwood Chamber of Commerce, Middle Island and Coram Civic Associations we can anticipate exciting social media content to come in the coming months and year.

One particular change we are thrilled about: The newsletter print will now be the voice of Friends of the Artist Lake - Fairview Community. Residents can look forward to be heard from the Friends with the purpose of bringing our communities even closer together. The Friends will be working closely with our friends in Lake Pointe to launch new clubs and collaborative gatherings and events with neighbors at Lake Pointe Co-op.

As we embrace this new chapter, the newsletter will continue to serve as a vital link, connecting neighbors and fostering a sense of belonging among all the residents of Longwood. So, get ready to be informed, inspired, and engaged – the newsletter is back and better than ever!



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