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Harmonious Nights of Music Light Up Middle Island and Coram

John Carricato

Aug 29, 2023

The Middle Island and Coram Fire Department were ablaze with musical brilliance on two special evenings this past August, thanks to the captivating performances by tribute bands Penny Lane and Southbound. Both nights were set on fire with melodies that paid homage to The Beatles and southern rock legends, new and old, leaving the Middle Island and Coram communities in awe.


These remarkable musical evenings were made possible through the generous sponsorship of outgoing Suffolk County Legislator, Sarah Anker. Collaborating with the Middle Island and Coram Civic Associations, these events emerged as fine examples of community togetherness.


Under the canopy of  beautiful  skies on the evenings of August 19 and 26, audiences were treated to stirring performances that transcended generations. Penny Lane and Southbound lit up the stage, filling the evening with the timeless sounds of The Beatles and the soulful notes of Southern Rock and country music.   It was a harmonious celebration of musical legacies that have shaped our culture.


Enthusiastic fans of both tribute bands swayed, danced, and sang along to their favorite hits, creating an atmosphere that was nothing short of electrifying. The music resonated with hearts young and old, igniting a sense of unity to all who attended. The beautiful weather further added to the enjoyment, as smiles were shared and memories were created.


As the nights ended, residents of Artist Lake - Fairview and Lake Pointe Owners communities  in attendance walked away faces beaming with smiles. The energy, the melodies, and the spirit of evenings were etched into their memories, ensuring these events would remain highlights of the summer.


With heartfelt gratitude to all who made these events possible, we look forward to more next summer’s free concerts.

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