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Exciting Local Talent Jackson Courbois Takes on Chris Hidalgo in an ISKA Title Fight

John Carricato

Oct 14, 2023

Our Community Newsletter - Sports Edition

Exciting Local Talent: Jackson Courbois Takes on Chris Hidalgo in an International Sport Kickboxing Association (ISKA) kickboxing Title Fight.


In the heart of Suffolk County, Long Island, the Longwood community is gearing up for an electrifying night of MMA and kickboxing action. We are thrilled to share the news local talent, 20-year-old Jackson Courbois, is set to take the stage in a  ISKA kickboxing title fight showdown that promises to be an exciting event.

A proud graduate of Rocky Point High School and a student at Suffolk Community College, Jackson Courbois is a rising star in the world of kickboxing. His impressive record as the current IKF world classic amateur champion speaks volumes about his dedication and skill.

Watch video of Jackson winning to IKF belt. IKF World Classic

The MMA & Kickboxing Fights event will take place on:

When: Saturday, October 21, 2023 at 5PM, Doors will at 4PM

Where: Radisson Hotel, 110 Vanderbilt Motor Parkway in Hauppauge, NY 11788.

General admission tickets are $80 for the scheduled 6 bouts.

Jackson's journey into the world of kickboxing began less than three years ago when he joined American Fighting Concepts in Middle Island, NY. Under the expert guidance of his trainer, former pro world kickboxing champion and Team USA coach, Tommy "BEE" Bottone, Jackson has grown as an athlete with remarkable speed.

Tommy Bottone, a Longwood resident and Longwood High School alumnus, is not only Jackson's trainer but also a renowned figure in the world of kickboxing. As a corrections officer for the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department, Tommy's commitment to the community goes beyond the fighting ring.

In 1996, Tommy opened American Fighting Concepts, a successful nonprofit organization focused on teaching various fighting styles. He takes pride in sharing his expertise with individuals of all backgrounds, emphasizing his love for instructing children and women. According to Tommy, they are often the most attentive and dedicated students he encounters.

Tommy Bottone's broad range of instruction covers kickboxing, Muay-Thai, Sanshou, MMA, Boxing, and Self Defense, ensuring that his students receive a well-rounded and comprehensive education in martial arts.

For those eager to follow Jackson Courbois's journey and learn more about Tommy "BEE" Bottone and his contributions to the world of kickboxing, you can visit Tommy's

Facebook page


Ring of Fire Kickboxing website

This is an event you won't want to miss, and we encourage our community members to come out and show their support for Jackson Courbois and Tommy Bottone. It's an excellent opportunity to celebrate local talent and witness the spirit of Longwood shine brightly in the world of combat sports.

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