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Coming Soon - A Peace of Woodstock: A Groovy Boutique Bringing Music - Culture and Community to Coram

John Carricato

Aug 30, 2023

Middle Country Road is about to get a whole lot groovier.

Coram, NY – Middle Country Road is about to get a whole lot groovier with the upcoming opening of Peace of Woodstock, a boutique store that promises to be much more than just a shopping destination. Nestled just west of Route 112, this unique store is set to celebrate the music, culture, and spirit of the Woodstock music festival, while also making a positive impact on the community. Peace of Woodstock’s owners, Fred Wightman and Jay Losco are  extremely excited to become part of the Longwood business community.

Peace of Woodstock is more than a store – it's a tribute to an era that defined a generation. As you step inside, you'll find yourself surrounded by a treasure trove of merchandise that pays homage to the iconic Woodstock music festival. From tie-dye wonders that capture the essence of free-spiritedness, videos of the iconic event, to vintage rock 'n' roll relics that bring back memories, the store is a haven for those who cherish the magic of the 60s and 70s.

What sets Peace of Woodstock apart is not just its merchandise, but its innovative approach to recreational - medicinal cannabis and community service. The store boasts a New York State recreational cannabis license, bringing a touch of modernity to its nostalgic offerings. To conform with Town of Brookhaven zoning rules restricting cannabis sale to industrial areas, Peace of Woodstock will provide a unique online cannabis delivery service for recreational users, making cannabis available in a convenient and responsible manner. Cannabis for immediate purchase and removal from the premises, will not be available.

Peace of Woodstock's commitment to the community shines brightly through its initiative, Long Island Cannabis Cares. This non-profit organization, founded by Mr. Wightman and Mr. Losco, are dedicated to giving back to various causes that matter. From supporting food pantries to veterans' organizations and animal rescues, Long Island Cannabis Cares is a testament to the store's values of unity and community support.

The excitement around Peace of Woodstock doesn't stop at its store doors. The boutique is all set to make its mark on some of the most anticipated upcoming events in the area. Catch them at the 30th annual Bradstock Festival this Labor Day weekend at Camp Pa Qua Tuck, Center Moriches, NY where their presence will undoubtedly add a unique touch to the celebration of music and culture. And for those eager to experience the store's offerings firsthand, mark your calendars for the Brookhaven Fair on September 23rd and 24th on the Longwood Estate in Ridge, NY

So, get ready to step into a world where nostalgia, culture, and community intertwine. Peace of Woodstock's opening on Middle Country Road is a landmark moment for Coram. Peace of Woodstock’s deep commitment to community service is a deep reflection of the values that make Coram a unique and vibrant place to be.

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