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Artist Lake Condominium Neighborhood Watch Meeting

John Carricato

Mar 31, 2024

Meeting Recap

Artist Lake Condominium Neighborhood Watch Meeting Minutes - March 28th, 2024

Location: Longwood Public Library

Time: 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Attendees: Residents from Fairview Condo 1 and Artist Lake Condo, SCPD COPE officer James (Jimmy) Anson

Next Meeting will be in June

Reports of suspicious activities can be made to or sent directly to SCPD COPE at 

To be effective reports should include date and time of the activity. Description of people involved with notable clothing. Car make and model. Pictures and video if available can be very helpful. Alway be discrete. Information provided will be kept confidential.

The first neighborhood watch meeting of the year convened on Thursday evening at the Longwood Public Library, drawing a substantial turnout from both Fairview Condo 1 and Artist Lake Condo. Our special guest, SCPD COPE officer James (Jimmy) Anson, was present to address community concerns.

The meeting commenced promptly at 7:00 PM and spanned a productive 1.5 hours, with active participation from attendees.

The central theme of the evening revolved around the imperative principle: "SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING," especially pertinent as the summer months approach, anticipating heightened activity within our neighborhoods.

A focal point of discussion centered on the recent raid at Artist Lake, Cherry Court, Unit 150, conducted in March. Officer Jimmy elaborated that this operation was the culmination of a year-long SCPD investigation into drug possession and sale. Stressing the meticulous nature of police work, he clarified that such actions require extensive documentation and case-building before warrants for arrest can be issued. The substantial police presence during the raid aimed at caution rather than anticipation of conflict, with officers in ski masks serving as undercover operatives integral to the investigation.

 Squatter situations were discussed with note that civil action was recently taken to foreclose 12 units in the community. Note was taken that there several units in the community vacant. Officer Jimmy emphasized the importance of timely reporting to authorities. Swift action significantly increases the likelihood of resolution, as prolonged occupation exceeding 30 days grants squatters legal protections, complicating eviction procedures. SCPD lacks authority for direct eviction; instead, involvement typically escalates to legal processes overseen by the Suffolk County Sheriff Department. Municipal condemnation actions can be taken by the town in which SCPD can enforce.

Car break-ins remained a persistent concern within our community, largely attributed to unlocked doors and keys left in vehicles. Officer Jimmy underscored the simple yet crucial measure of securing vehicles by locking doors.

The meeting also spotlighted the inception of the SCPD Precinct Level Advisory Board (PLAB), an integral component of Suffolk County's Police Reform & Reinvention process. Aimed at fostering community-oriented policing, PLABs facilitate regular interaction between law enforcement and the public. Notably, the 7th PLAB's inaugural quarterly meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, April 10th, at the Longwood Public Library, featuring representatives from the SCPD Behavioral Health Unit.

In conclusion, Officer Jimmy reassured attendees of the overall safety of our community while urging continued vigilance against suspicious activities. Diligence remains paramount in safeguarding our collective quality of life.

The meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM, with gratitude extended to all participants for their active engagement in promoting neighborhood safety and cooperation.

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