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Image by Sergey Shmidt

HOA Annual Meeting.

John Carricato

May 2, 2023

HOA Board Leadership Disappoints The Membership

The Artist Lake Fairview HOA, Middle Island, Board of Directors Annual Meeting took place today. The meeting held by Zoom only. The board, gathered in the HOA clubhouse streamed the meeting.

Answers submitted by members were not read into the record or answered. No discussion on 2022 financials or 2023 budget. The Treasurer didn't speak at all during the meeting.

There was no Secretary present.

The HOA's Property Management was not present either

HOA President, Julie Taylor, gave a disappointing presentation to the members

It's no wonder why of ~650 Members only ~ 20 logged into the Zoom

Not much more to say other than a total disappointment to the members who did attend. The HOA members of the this community deserve better than this.

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