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Artist Lake - Fairview Condominiums

John Carricato

May 5, 2023

Organization and Governance of the Community.

This is a reprint from our first published issue, June 2022

Speaking to many residents I’ve met over the past few months it became evident, many don’t know how the community is organized.  Below is a brief explanation.

Artist Lake – Fairview is comprised of 3 condominiums:

1. Artist Lake

2. Fairview I

3. Fairview II


Each condominium operates independently. Each has its own Board of Managers elected by Homeowners. Renters are not granted the opportunity to vote unless the owner of the units appoints them by a signed proxy form.


Each condominium has its own operating budget that maintains and services their condominium common property. Each has its own bylaws, declaration and rules. Condominium bylaws are aligned with New York State Condominium Law. Condo rules are created by Boards of Managers. It’s in a Homeowner’s best interest to have a copy of the by-laws for your condo. All residents should have a copy of, and be familiar with, their condo rules.  If you don’t have a copy of either, contact your board or property management. Copies of the Artist Lake Condominium , Fairview 1 Condominium and HOA governing document is archived on the website’s Document Archive. To access you must be a newsletter member. The archive is reachable through our Community Governance page, To learn more about condo board and HOA roles and responsibilities we encourage you visit the governance page.


In addition to 3 Condominiums, the founding sponsor of the complex created a non-for-profit Homeowners Association. The HOA is managed by a Board of Directors. Owners do no elect HOA Directors. HOA Directors are appointed by each of the 3 condominium Boards.


The HOA has it’s own declaration, bylaws and rules. The HOA governs and administers the complex’s property common to all 3 condominiums:


· Driveway into the complex

· Clubhouse and Pool

· Recreational areas (tennis and basketball courts, playground)

· Sewage treatment plant


Condominium and HOA operating expenses (common property, recreational amenities) are funded by an annual assessment (common charge) levied to each Homeowner by their Board and the HOA. The total annual assessment (condo + HOA) is paid in 12 monthly common charge payments made to your condominium.  The condo transfers to an HOA operating expense account the HOA portion of your common charge. Non owner residents: common charges are included in your monthly rent payment to your unit owner, for your enjoyment in the use of common properties and recreational areas. 


I hope this article gave you some perspective on how the community is organized, governed and administered. If you have questions, feel free to contact the editor at or consult your by-laws and rules book.

- John Carricato

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