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Kathleen Mabli

Mar 10, 2023


Like many of us, my grandparents came from a different country. My grandparents came from Ireland. They moved during and after the great potato famine that ravished Ireland from 1845 to 1852. My grandmother “Nana” was a great influence on me, as my mother passed away when I was 11. My Nana was totally Irish but loved this country dearly.Many times she would tell me stories of “the old country”. I remember many things about her but mostly I remember how many many expressions she had, some I didn’t understand and some I’m not sure of even now lol! I will share some of them with you to honor her:

·         I will give you a slap in the lap of the liver, that will make you shiver, like a duck in the river.

·         Love is blind but marriage is an eye-opener.

·         Matthew , Mark, Luke and John. God bless the bed that I lay on.

·         Old and cold and hard to lie with, but no one to lie with me.

·         Goodbye and good riddance said Mrs. Fitzgibbons.

·         It’s not the world that’s crazy, it’s the people in it.

·         I’m ready if you’re willing.

·         Shy but willing, like a bride in bed.

·         You look like the old lady who kissed the cow.

·         People are dying now that never died before.

·         It’s nice to be nice, but it’s twice as nice to act stupid.

I wish everyone a happy Ethnic Day! Take a minute or two to remember those brave ancestors who risked it all for us.

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