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Lake Pointe Craft Fair - Causes for Kids

Kathleen Mabli

Mar 4, 2023


Lake Pointe’s 2023 winter craft fair took place on February 4th, one of the coldest days of the year. One of the tables at the fair was a coffee station. The station offered coffee provided by a nonprofit named “Causes for Kids“. At the fair I met Aleta Love, Founder and CEO and Louis Scavo, Executive Director of this fine organization. While sipping delicious coffee Aleta told me a little about herself and her Causes for Kids charity.

After volunteering for 10 years at homeless shelters in New York Aleta believed she could tackle more causes with helping hands. Aleta had a vision. If she could help support charities that support kids, it would help even more kids and the future of our communities.


Causes for Kids began in 2018. This not-for-profit began by hosting charitable events for other nonprofits in the community to help raise money to contribute to making a difference.  Causes for Kids raises money for all sorts of programs in a variety of ways.


On way they raise money is the Causes for Kids Coffee Fundraising Program. Causes For Kids Coffee Fundraising Program is an entrepreneurial and community outreach program. The program helps children learn business and leadership skills. When you participate in the Causes For Kids Coffee Fundraiser you create opportunities for children to learn business, communication skills, partnership and goal setting with a mission. Raise money


Another way Causes for Kids helps communities is to provide move-in ready homes to qualified applicants who are at or below 80% the area’s median income. Causes for Kids collaborates with experienced contractors who want to make a difference in their community. The collaborative approach provides families a chance of home ownership. These homes are built with energy efficient materials which provides each home with energy savings.


The Causes for Kids mission is simple: be the bridge to resources for children in need.  Their goal is to fund as many causes for children as they can.


To learn more about causes for kids how you could volunteer, donate, become part of their organization, or if  you are in need visit their website, email, or call 631-704-6833.


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