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Light House Paint Party

John Carricato

Jun 3, 2023

Community getting together for creative relaxation

Last month, art enthusiasts and creative souls gathered at the vibrant paint party hosted by Kathleen Mabli, a Lake Pointe resident and the event organizer. The theme for this gathering was Long Island Lighthouse, a symbol of maritime history and beauty. The event took place on Saturday May 13th at the Lake Point Clubhouse, Middle Island.

Kathleen Mabli, known for her passion for both art and community engagement, aimed to bring people together to celebrate the rich heritage of Long Island through the canvas. Attendees were provided with all the necessary art supplies, including brushes, palettes, and a blank canvas, ready to be transformed into a masterpiece.

Throughout the afternoon, Kathleen Mabli provided guidance and encouragement, ensuring that every participant felt empowered and confident in their artistic abilities. She circulated among the attendees, offering personalized advice and answering questions, fostering a sense of camaraderie and mentorship among artists of all skill levels.

The paint party came to a close with a collective display of the completed artworks.

Stay tuned to Kathleen’s next party.

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