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A Community Garden Takes Shape

John Carricato

Jun 8, 2023

Neighbors coming together

From the neighborhoods of Artist Lake - Fairview Condominiums in Middle Island, a group of six dedicated women have come together to nurture  a community vegetable garden. Situated within the picturesque Victoria Garden at Bartlett Pond Park, our 3'x6' plot is not just a physical space but a symbol of unity, cooperation, and the shared vision of a thriving community. With a locked gate protecting their collective efforts, the gardeners have exclusive access. The garden space is provided by Longwood Alliance, led by Gail Lynch-Bailey.  The Alliance generously sponsors this cooperative garden for a small fee. The hope is to expand the presence of Artist Lake – Fairview  gardeners next year and eventually establish our own community garden within the grounds of the Artist Lake - Fairview Condominiums.


Our Community Garden at Bartlett Pond Park

What began as an idea among two friends quickly took root, and the community garden became a reality when the plot was offered to Friends of the Artist Lake – Fairvew Condominiums by Ms Bailey. These six passionate women, hailing from various backgrounds and professions, are joining forces to transform a humble patch of dirt into a vibrant and bountiful garden. Their shared love for gardening, sustainability, and community-building has united them in their mission to provide fresh produce for themselves and their neighbors.


The six women at the heart of this initiative are Anna Maria, Jeannie, Jess, Eureka, Barbara and Michelle. Each gardener brings unique skills and knowledge to the table, creating a diverse and harmonious team.

Each week during the growing season these women will share time tending to their plots with dedication, spending their time weeding, watering, and tending to the vegetables. Their hard work is driven by a shared commitment and a desire to foster a sense of community within Artist Lake – Fairview condominiums.

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