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How to Be a Good Neighbor

Submitted by John Carricato

Dec 22, 2022

To live in a great neighborhood — and enjoy all the comforts that come with being part of a tightknit community — you have to be a good neighbor yourself.

To live in a great neighborhood — and enjoy all the comforts that come with being part of a tightknit community — you have to be a good neighbor yourself.​

Below are ways experts will tell us are ways to build and maintain positive, long lasting  relationships with your neighbors. Being a good neighbor requires more than just a smile and a wave. 

Share important information. One of the best things you can do for new and existing neighbors is to share information with them: A good handyman, electrician, plumber, painter or information about what’s going on in the complex. Any information that you can share will go a long way to making  for a good neighbor.​

Keep up patio and balcony appeal. A neat, tidy well maintained patio or balcony makes a  building, court and the entire complex attractive to neighbors, guest and potential new owners.​

Be a responsible pet owner. Pets can be a bone of contention between neighbors. It’s important you keep your pets in check. Clean up after your pets, especially Fido. The complex provides many conveniently placed dog poop bag dispensers. When you take Fido for a walk, pick up the poop and place the bag in one of the many pet friendly poop trash bins or dumpsters. Incessant barking , when the owner is not home can become a nuisance and quality life issue. If this is the case, speak to a certified trainer to figure out how to teach Fido, that barking all day is not an acceptable behavior.Organize community activities and events. 

How better to get to know your neighbors than through socializing. Come to one of the many events and activities organized by the newsletter. Go the extra mile by organizing an event of your own. A holiday party or dinner or coordinate a community project that neighbors can participate in together. For example: Organizing a community yard sale, decorating the clubhouse for  Halloween, Christmas, or some other holiday, or hosting an event for the children of the collective community.​

Recently move into the complex? Invite some of your neighbors to your place for a house warming social event. Make sure your neighbors know you are not accepting gifts and that the event is simply a way to introduce yourself to the neighborhood. Once relationships are established  you could form a neighborhood book club or other event to deepen relationships.​

Don’t be the complex gossip. Part of being a good neighbor is avoiding gossip. Know the difference between “good” and “bad” gossip. Telling your neighbor that another neighbor’s mother died and where and when the funeral will be is good gossip. Bad gossip spreads negative rumor. For example, saying, “ I heard Bob left his wife because she was having an affair with the mailman. I can’t say I’m surprised. Betty is always walking around in skimpy clothing. She’s such a flirt”, is BAD gossip.​

Be a respectful neighbor. Keep music at a reasonable noise level . Refrain from smoking in your unit (smoke entering common areas as well as adjacent units is considered a nuisance and quality of life issue and can result in fines). If you’re planning on having a party, let your neighbors know in advance. Give them the opportunity to make plans and maybe not be home for your party. In general; use common sense and be considerate.​

Abide by the house rules. When you live in a condominium you have to abide by the house rules. If you’ve just recently moved into the complex be sure to have a copy of your house rules. If you don’t,  ask your neighbors or property manager for a copy. Consistently not abiding by house rule can lead to fines and other actions, not to mention being a nuisance neighbor.

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