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Condo I, Owner—Resident, Jessica Scanlon (Buffa)

Submitted by Jessica Buffa

Jan 6, 2023

If you’re not happy with what goes on in the community, I encourage you to get involved.

Hello Fairview, Artist and Lake Point residents. I Hope you all had a great holiday season with your friends and family. Wow! Cannot believe it's 2023 already. I just wanted to clarify some things to my community. There were some who reached out to me after reading the December newsletter, and were disappointed after seeing the letter regarding our annual meeting and election, disappointed that my name was omitted from that ballot.  With all honesty, I want to clarify that it was not my desire to be omitted. An error by our attorney, when we closed on our unit resulted in my name not being added to the filed deed with the Suffolk County Clerk’s Office. I have a copy of our deed with my name on it. Unfortunately, it’s not an original copy stamped  by the Clerk’s Office. Since we don't have an original stamped copy, the Clerk’s Office would not file the deed in our possession. This is what we were told after visiting the Clerk’s Office in Riverhead. If we had the original they would have been able to file it for us. In the coming year Larry and I will be working with our attorney to get the proper deed filed with the County. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get this mistake fixed in time to meet the deadline to get my name on the ballot. Multiple attempts to explain the situation to the board, and officially declare my candidacy in lieu of the error were denied.


If you’re not happy with what goes on in the community, I encourage you to get involved. Learn more about how condo boards work, are legally bound to govern and your rights. There are many residents and owners living in the three condominiums that make up our community who  don’t understand the difference between the HOA board and their own condominium board. Many think there is only one board, the HOA.

There are four boards: Condo 1, Condo 2, Artist Lake, and AL-FV HOA. Each have their own governing documents.  


The Newsletter, and its website ( is  a great resource for information with regards to condo governance, events going on around our town, things happening on Long Island, the history behind our town etc. It's also a great way to meet people you necessarily wouldn't in our community . So a big thank you to John Carricato on all the great work he has been doing. 


Sincerely, Jessica 

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