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Artist Lake Fairview’s Young Entrepreneur

Jenifer Volkman

Feb 7, 2023

Contact 631-461-6928 for any power washing, junk removal, or moving help and transportation you may need: Hometown: Rocky Point.

If you have furniture moving or junk removal needs contact one of our  community’s young entrepreneurs, Patrick Volkman. 

Patrick is a high school Junior who started his first business power washing, when he was 16 years old.  Not long after he purchased his own truck and trailer. His business evolved into furniture moving when his customers kept asking him for more and more help around their homes. 

You’ll find rave reviews about Patrick on Facebook and the Nextdoor App. Patrick’s customers describe him as polite, respectful, careful, professional and reasonably priced.

Patrick’s work ranges from moving a dresser from one room to another, moving furniture to another level in your house, moving the stuff in your apartment to a new location or picking up a load of junk and disposing it after a clean up.  Patrick uses helpers when needed. He and his workers are careful with your furniture. They’ll  wrap your furniture with moving blankets, to ensure your pieces don’t get damaged.

The next time you have an item that needs to be moved call Patrick. You won’t be disappointed!  631-461-6928.

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