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A Book Born Out of The Pandemic

Submitted by Jordan Eilbert, Artist Lake Resident

Feb 13, 2023

...while I was stuck with nothing but a computer, the Internet, and a supportive group of online friends. I began to write.

Many of us found ourselves confined to our homes during the outset of the pandemic, and some of us, like myself, caught the virus itself.I’m not here to speak of the horrible feelings of your body being wrecked with fatigue, the difficulty breathing, and the feeling that merely standing up may be the most laborious chore you could take.  All at age 37.I’m here to discuss what I did while at home, and while I was stuck with nothing but a computer, the Internet, and a supportive group of online friends. I began to write.

I’m sure everyone has wonderful stories in their minds, whether true or fictional.For me, it was fiction.  Whenever I went to church, I often imagined the fantastical and miraculous events that occurred in the Bible and thought, “What would that look like now?” and “Did the people of Biblical times understand what they were looking at?”

So often witnesses of large scale events see things that aren’t there: faces in smoke, figures in flames, and so on. I’m a Christian myself, and my faith is never shaken by things like scientific discovery.  To me, personally, it all proves an all too common personal truth: That the world is complex and beyond human understanding, and that just elevates God’s potency. Now I never ask anyone to agree with me on faith, we all have our own paths to follow.  Heck, this article only uses faith as a vehicle, as does the story that my co-author (Mimi Jasso) and I have written. So when the pandemic came, and all I had was a keyboard and the internet, my co-author and I got Google Docs pages together, and we began to write!

Originally posted on r/Nosleep on Reddit online, we suddenly noticed many people were liking and commenting on our stories… We had something, that was for sure. All our stories we posted, even though the characters changed, existed in the same “World” - they would bump into characters from other stories, we had similar antagonists (usually Fallen Angels and Demons) and we found that readers were increasingly interested.Thus: The Guardian Temple series was born!

Now it's its own entity on Reddit, under r/The_Guardian_Temple, we’ve posted many stories, novels, side stories, and so on all under the same theme: Sci-Fi/Theology. ( felt like the merging of modern themes with ancient themes was intriguing. How would demons interact in today's world if they could? How would Angels interact with complex situations of today, and so forth. 

Two and a half years later, we were approached by Publify, a publisher of multiple genres of story, who wanted to publish some of our works!Now, the first book is out now on Amazon under the title: “Demonic Dealings” under “The Guardian Temple” series. It is incredible what you can accomplish these days, even when shut in and the world is descending into chaos.  It also reminded me to never give up on a dream, and it’s amazing to say: “I’m a Published Author.”

We want to thank everyone who helped us design the cover, edit the book, and even down to the type-setting!  It has come together in a brilliant story that composes the three initial stories we released online. We would, of course, love to hear the community’s thoughts!Check out the book on Amazon. The Guardian Temple: Demonic Dealings: Eilbert, Jordan, Jasso, Mimi: 9781958788417: Books

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