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Harmonizing Education and Passion: Jason M. Crockett's Journey

John Carricato

Nov 10, 2023

In the heart of the Greater Longwood Community, an advocate for the performing arts and an entrepreneurial educator is making waves in the field of education.

Jason Crockett Jr.

In the heart of the Greater Longwood Community, an advocate for the performing arts and an entrepreneurial educator is making waves in the field of education. Jason M. Crockett, the CEO and Founder of Voyage Academics, LLC and The Piano and Vocal Studio of Jason M. Crockett, has dedicated his life to advancing education through a unique blend of personalized learning, technology integration, and a deep appreciation for the arts.

Educational Leadership with a Melodic Touch

Guided by a strong educational vision, Jason leads his team at Voyage Academics in providing a comprehensive and interconnected learning platform. His commitment extends beyond traditional education, encompassing tools, resources, technology, skills, instruction, and a devotion to the arts. Jason firmly believes that education, coupled with technology and student-centered learning, is the key to individual success.

A magna cum laude graduate from LIU Post with a Master of Science Degree in Education and a Bachelor of Music Degree in Piano and Vocal Performance, Jason's journey is rooted in a rich academic background. A resident of Ridge, New York, and a vital member of the Longwood Community, Jason's passion for education and the arts began in his early years in the Longwood Central School District.

A Symphony of Expertise

Jason's leadership is not confined to the boardroom; it resonates in his extensive experience as an educator, middle/high school teacher, choral director, and performer. A Jazz and Classical pianist/vocalist, he not only teaches private lessons but also conducts choral and instrumental ensembles. His students have achieved success on Broadway, in featured films, TV commercials, and professional recordings, a testament to his prowess as a teacher and mentor.

Beyond the classroom, Jason is a published author, bringing his innate passion for composing and writing to fruition. His academic achievements and contributions have been recognized with numerous awards and scholarships, both as a student and a teacher.

Voyage Academics: Charting a Course for Success

Collaborating with his brother, Bryan D. Crockett, Jason co-founded Voyage Academics. This education company, born from collaboration with top clinicians, educators, and researchers, focuses on personalized education that equips students for the competitive real-world transition.

Bryan, a dedicated member of the Longwood Community, complements Jason's efforts as a tutor, college advisor, and SAT/ACT test prep coach.

Voyage Academics, under Jason's guidance, has witnessed its students gaining acceptance into some of the top colleges nationwide. Recognized as the "Best of Long Island in College Consulting" by BFCU, Jason's impact on education and student success is evident.

The Chorus of Giving Back

In 2022, Jason directed the creation of the "Sing 4 Music" choir, bringing young students from all over Long Island together to spread the joy of music throughout the community. This choir, a testament to Jason's commitment to the community, performs during holidays and events, fostering a sense of togetherness and artistic expression.

On December 3, 2023 enjoy festive caroling by the 'Sing 4 Music' Choir, as you wait for Santa Claus to arrive with the Mount Sinai Fire Department to light the tree! The event takes place at 5pm at the Heritage Center, 633 Mount Sinai Coram Road, Mt Sinai, NY

A Personal Symphony: Adapting to Life's Changes

The melody of Jason's life took a profound turn in 2013 when his father battled long-term Lung Cancer and Congestive Heart Failure. The loss became a catalyst for reflection, leading Jason to adapt his skills and create his entrepreneurial vision. Recognizing the importance of connecting learning, personalities, skills, talents, and gifts, Jason strives to help individuals discover and unleash their potential.

As Abraham Lincoln wisely said, "The best way to predict your future is to create it." Jason M. Crockett, through his commitment to education, his community, and the arts, is creating a harmonious future for the Greater Longwood Community and beyond. In the symphony of life, Jason is conducting a melody of learning, growth, and success.


For more information on Voyage Academics service and Jason’s piano and vocal studio visit Voyage Academics | Tutoring  and CrockettStudios

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