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Community Unites for Environmental Cleanup

Submitted by John Carricato

Nov 4, 2023

Works to Secure Our Neighborhoods and Advocates for Providing a New Recreational Area to a Community

Severely littered wooded area on the The Shore & Glenn property

In a display of community spirit and unity, residents from various neighborhoods in Artist Lake area community, banded together to tackle a pressing local issue. The initiative stemmed from concerns surrounding the increasingly problematic wooded area situated between the Artist Lake Condominium and The Shores properties. The property is owned by The Shores & Glenn Homeowners Association.

The Shores & Glenn
Tent encampment this past summer

For years, this once quiet wooded space had transformed into an unwanted passageway, fostering various issues that significantly impacted the neighboring communities. The situation worsened during the summer when a homeless encampment took root in the area. Prompt action by the Artist Lake – Fairview neighborhood watch, in coordination with Suffolk County Police Department (SCPD) and the Department of Social Services (DSS), led to successfully relocating the young couple and dismantling the encampment. However, the aftermath of litter remained a glaring concern.

Notably, the recent collective effort was not merely about rectifying the aftermath but more significantly, it symbolized a display of unity and cooperation among the community members. Despite differing perspectives and opinions, approximately a dozen individuals from adjoining neighbors, including Fairview Condo 1 and Artist Lake Condominium, Lake Point Associates, Picasso Way Association, Middle Island Civic Association, and Fairfield Properties, came together with a shared goal — to restore the area and foster a safer, cleaner environment.

Part of the clean up team

Working hand in hand, the team completed the cleanup endeavor within an astonishingly brief span of time, merely an hour. The power of collective teamwork and shared purpose transformed the arduous task into a seamless, fulfilling experience. Participants left the site not just with a sense of achievement but also with a profound feeling of contributing to something special.

The Shores & Glenn
Breach at The Shores & Glenn Property leading the abandoned tennis court

However, the task at hand is far from over. The cut-through path between the properties has led to breaches in fencing, notably on both The Shores and Artist Lake property lines. Efforts are being made by the Artist Lake – Fairview neighborhood watch in collaboration with Fairfield Properties to address these security issues. Plans involve securing the abandoned tennis court located on the Shores & Glenn property to prevent unauthorized access. Additionally, discussions have commenced about repurposing the area into a recreational zone, potentially a basketball court, benefiting the younger residents of apartment complex operated by Fairfield properties. Fairfield leases the land their complex is located on from The Shores & Glenn Homeowners Association, a deal that was reached when the Association went bankrupt years ago.

Abandoned Tennis Court at The Shores & Glenn Properties C/O Fairfield Properties.

tennis courts
Gate leading into the abandoned tennis courts

Artist Lake
Breach in Artist Lake property line fencing

Simultaneously, an appeal is being made to the Artist Lake Homeowners Association (HOA) to address the breach in their property boundary fencing, aiming to secure the neighborhood and prevent unauthorized entry.

The ongoing collaborative efforts being led by The Friends of Artist Lake – Fairview Condominiums underscore the unity and dedication of the community in ensuring the safety and well-being of all residents.

The positive impact generated from this joint initiative not only addresses immediate concerns but also sets a precedent for ongoing cooperation among the various communities.

The initiative represents a powerful example of collective action and emphasizes the significance of securing property boundaries for the safety and tranquility of all residents. It’s a commendable step toward fostering a safer, cleaner, and more cohesive community.

The Friends of Artist Lake – Fairview Condominiums encourages and supports such collaborative endeavors, which promote a sense of togetherness and contribute to the betterment of our neighborhoods. It's through such combined efforts that communities flourish and prosper. We invite your thoughts and support for these ongoing endeavors to fortify our community's property boundary lines and ensure a safer living environment for all.

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