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Monthly Meetings

John Carricato

Apr 2, 2023

Neighborhood Watch and Middle Island Civic Association

Neighborhood Watch and Middle Island Civic Association meetings brought together members of the community to discuss issues affecting our Middle Island neighborhoods and to hear from two guest speakers who provided valuable insight.

Neighborhood Watch

At the Neighborhood Watch meeting, held at the Lake Pointe – Picasso Way Clubhouse, attendees were pleased to hear from 7th precinct inspector William Doherty, who shared updates on crime statistics and discussed the importance of community involvement in preventing crime. Inspector Doherty, accompanied by Community Liaison Officer Jimmy Anson,  highlighted the role that Neighborhood Watch groups play in keeping their communities safe. Inspector Doherty and Office Anson encouraged attendees to stay vigilant and report any suspicious activity. They also emphasized the importance of communication and cooperation between the police and the community in preventing and solving crimes.

The meeting provided an opportunity for attendees to ask questions and share concerns with Inspector Doherty and Officer Anson. Many residents expressed their appreciation for the work of the 7th precinct and asked about ways they could get involved in supporting local law enforcement efforts. Inspector Doherty and Officer Anson encouraged residents to attend future Neighborhood Watch meetings and to reach out to the precinct or Community Ambassadors, John Carricato or Gail Lynch-Baily, with community concerns and observed suspicious activities. Members were encouraged to attend the monthly community meeting held at the 7th precinct the first Tuesday of every month ( see website events page for details)

Middle Island Civic Association

At last month’s  Middle Island Civic Association meeting, attendees had the opportunity to hear from Suffolk County District Attorney Raymond Tierney. Mr. Tierney spoke about his office's efforts, since taking office in Jan. 2022, to address crime and improve safety throughout the county.

Mr. Tierney discussed the opioid crisis and his office's efforts to combat drug addiction and overdose deaths. He emphasized the need for a comprehensive approach to addressing the crisis, including increased access to treatment and prevention programs, as well as tougher penalties for drug dealers. Mr. Tierney also discussed gang violence, Suffolk County’s renewed ShotSpotter gunshot detection program to be reintroduced in 11 areas throughout the County: Huntington Station, North Amityville, Wyandanch, Brentwood, Bay Shore, Central Islip, Coram, Gordon Heights, North Bellport, Shirley, and Mastic Beach. Geographically, these communities make up less than 1% of the county but have over 50% of gun violence reported. Mr. Tierney talked about bail reform and the need to find a way to stop the revolving door pattern of people repeatedly committing the same crimes and being released.

Attendees at the meeting had the opportunity to ask Mr. Tierney questions and share their concerns. Residents expressed their appreciation for the district attorney's work and asked about ways they could get involved in supporting efforts to combat crime, drug addiction in the community and rally around creating a grass roots effort to bring awareness to stop the revolving door created by bail reform.

Overall, this month's Neighborhood Watch and Middle Island Civic Association meetings were a great success. Attendees left with valuable insights on community safety and the criminal justice system, as well as a better understanding of local issues and initiatives. The meeting provided a great opportunity for residents to connect with law enforcement and civic leaders, and to work together towards creating a safer and stronger community.

Meet and Greet

Members of the Artist Lake Fairview HOA,  with valid HOA Pool/Clubhouse  passes, and their guests ($3.00 guest fee, an HOA rule) were invited to come to the Clubhouse for a Meet and Greet on 4/17 @6:30PM: A first for many Artist Lake—Fairview residents. My special guests would have been Town of Brookhaven Councilman Michael Loguercio and Community Liaison Officer James Anson. Councilman Loguercio was to discuss his thoughts on our Hamlet with regard to local business development and public safety . The Councilman was asked to address your questions and explain how the town works with communities like ours, the  authority the town has to enforce in condo communities and what  owners and residents can do to govern their condominium community. Officer Anson was to share with the community local crime statistics. He was to provide suggestions on what community residents can we do to help the SCPD make our community safe, crime and drug free.

Unfortunately the AL-FV HOA President Julie Taylor didn’t think this  good for YOU and forced a cancellation of the gathering.  The event is being rescheduled. See Our website.

  - John Carricato


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